An iPhone ad is a little too ‘real’

An iPhone advertisement is a pretty good example of an advertisement that could have a real effect on a consumer.

The ad is being run in Lyon, France by an advertising agency, which has been dubbed “lafayet”.

The ad features a couple sitting on a beach and using a mobile phone, and is clearly meant to appeal to a younger audience.

But the message seems to be slightly misleading.

“It’s a bit like someone using an iPod or a smartphone and you’re looking at it from the opposite side,” says David O’Brien, a communications professor at University College London.

He says that an iPhone ad “could be seen as a kind of ad for something else”.

This isn’t the first time that iPhones have been accused of being too “real”.

In 2008, a French advertising agency claimed that its iPhone ad featured a dog being hit by a car and then lying on the ground.

Apple has also been accused by the Advertising Standards Authority of making “loud and offensive” noises in the iPhone ad.

The problem with this is that a mobile device’s audio quality is limited, and the iPhone’s sound is very good.

It has been claimed that the iPhone has been responsible for some 90% of the loudest iPhone music.

“The iPhone is not the most exciting thing around, but it is a product which is well-designed and built for sound quality,” says Mr O’Brian.

“This is a very interesting piece of work, but there’s no reason why it should be seen by an audience that doesn’t want to listen to it.”

How would you rate this iPhone ad?

Read more Here’s what the ad says: “You have an iPhone and you can’t help but feel that it is really powerful.

That you could be a better person than the person you are.

It is your iPhone.”

The ad has been criticised by some, including the Advertising Practice Board, the watchdog body that sets standards for commercial advertising, and a number of the French media outlets that aired it.

The board’s head of communications, Henri Paudet, says that while the ad is “an obvious mistake”, it is not misleading.

“But if it’s an obvious mistake, then we need to think about it.” This isn”

But if it’s an obvious mistake, then we need to think about it.” This isn

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