Apple ad design company uses Photoshop to create its own advertising logos

Advertising graphic design company iAd uses Photoshop in a bid to turn its brand around.

Its logo was designed by John Stoeger, who is also the creator of the popular design firm Sketchfab.

Apple recently launched a redesign of its iPhone advertising, and the new branding is designed by iAd.

The new logo was created using an Adobe Illustrator file called iAd1.5.

The new logo includes the Apple logo, with a blue background and a blue outline, along with a stylised image of an apple.

Its main elements are a rounded rectangle and a small icon, which is a sort of arrow pointing up from the square shape.

iAd1, which has since been discontinued, was designed for iPhone 3GS, which launched in 2007.

It has a very similar appearance to the iPhone logo, except it features a larger, rounded rectangle, while the iPhone 3G logo has a slightly smaller rectangle.

Both logos are inked on a white background, and both are black and white.

Apple has previously used similar designs in the past, with the logo for iPhone 2 being the first to use a 3D vector-based rendering.

As for iAd’s new logo, it’s a simple, basic one.

The rectangle is small and the icon has a small, white circle on it.

If you click on the logo you’ll get a pop-up window with the logos options.

iAds new design is still a work in progress, and it’s not clear whether it’ll be usable in real-time, but iAd did say that its new design will be available for download to the public soon.

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