How to spot the best fake ads

This article was originally published in the March issue of AdWeek magazine.

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Advertising is an increasingly important part of our daily lives, and we’ve grown accustomed to the notion that brands and marketers will often target you with ads, whether through social media or traditional advertising.

But new research shows there’s another way to spot a fake ad.

That’s the idea that brands will target you directly to help you make a purchase.

But if you want to buy something from the likes of Walmart or Target, that’s not the case.

And, in fact, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be directly targeted to get something from them, either.

So if you’re buying things online, it may be wise to be skeptical of all the ads on offer.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still look for these ads.

If you’re looking for a certain product or service on the Internet, there are a few basic rules that you need to follow in order to avoid being duped by fake ads.

First, the ads are often targeted to specific audiences.

For example, if you look for a shoe brand in the ads of a shoe store, chances are you’ll likely be targeted to a shopper who’s buying shoes for themselves.

Second, the sites aren’t usually targeting a specific product or the person buying the item.

For instance, an ad for a hair salon may be a fake.

Third, the ad is likely aimed at someone who has already bought the product or is shopping for the same product, rather than just the target.

Fourth, the advertiser often uses images or videos of the target in order for you to see a product or a service that doesn’s.

And finally, most ads are intended to help the target purchase the item you’re trying to buy.

If you see an ad from a website that’s selling a product that’s supposed to help a customer with their health problems, you might think the ad might be for that product.

But these guidelines aren’t always accurate.

Sometimes a site will just target you to someone you already know, and it won’t really tell you anything about the person you’re actually buying from.

But for the most part, these rules should help you avoid being fooled by fake advertising.

If something you’ve read, heard or read about makes you want a specific item, there’s a good chance that it’s probably not a fake advertisement.

And if you’ve bought from an advertiser, you probably already know about any ad that has been placed.

The ad that appeared on the screen is probably a real ad.

But you should still be cautious if it seems like the ad you’re seeing is a fake, especially if the ad’s title or description doesn’t seem to match up with what you’re really looking for.

In addition, if the advertisers description or title doesn’t match the ad or the site’s description, you can still be duped.

The same thing happens with videos that show ads on the web.

Videos of ads on YouTube, for instance, may be very similar to advertisements you’ve seen elsewhere.

And while it’s possible that an ad might have been placed on the same page, the video itself isn’t necessarily a real one.

The real ad will show you a product, but if the video does a poor job of presenting the product in a meaningful way, it can fool you.

That’s where these guidelines come in.

They give you a way to distinguish the real from the fake.

And while we don’t always have to rely on these rules to avoid getting duped, they can help you to avoid buying something you don’t want to.

If there’s one thing marketers can always count on, it is to do their utmost to get their ads across to you.

And that’s what these guidelines are all about.

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