How to turn your Twitter ad into a hit

The ad network is looking for creative ways to get people talking about their brands.

The Advertising Week blog reported that, this week, Twitter is rolling out new features that allow advertisers to “see what your audience likes to see” in their ads.

This is an “ad hoc” process, where Twitter will be looking at what a user likes, says Adweek, to determine if they want to show the ad.

The feature was announced at the end of the year, and the Twitter team has been working on it for a while, the report added.

While Twitter has rolled out the feature, the ad networks are still working out the kinks and figuring out the best way to implement it.

The network is aiming to launch a beta in 2018, before it’s ready for wider use.

While advertisers are happy with the new features, the news that the Twitter ad team is looking at different ways to display adverts is an indication that the platform is open to new ways to reach users, and to help them understand how the ads work.