Italy coach Giovanni Trapattoni calls for Serie A to be ‘the next big league’

Giovanni Trapatti has criticised the lack of a big-name manager for the Italian Serie A as a “complete joke”.

The 53-year-old coach has also called for the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus to be given the chance to lead the league.

He also urged the league to be “the next next big football league” in a tweet.

“We need a big name for the next big leagues.

They are the best ones,” Trapatti wrote.”

I don’t care what other teams are doing.

I want them to be the best in the world.

That’s my dream.”

It’s the last thing that I want for this team.

I think the club should be the most important for us.

The first thing that the club needs to do is make sure that the players have a contract with the club.

“Then they should have a future together.” 

“We have to take care of our squad.

They have to make sure they know how to do it.

They’ve lost a lot of players. “

This is a joke.

They’ve lost a lot of players. 

If you want to win the Champions League, they need to have a few more players in the squad. 

They’re not doing that.”

The Italian coach was in Florence for the UEFA Champions League final and said he is not worried about the current squad.

“The last week was tough.

There were some injuries,” Trapatti said.”

But we were not that bad. 

The team is strong, but there were no injuries.

We can’t do anything about that. 

It’s just a joke.”