What you need to know about Creston’s new advertising campaign

A promotional ad campaign in Creston has been unveiled to coincide with the end of the winter season.

The advertising campaign, which will run on all digital platforms, is part of a wider marketing strategy to promote the city to more people.

It is being run by the company who have been in the business of selling the Creston brand since the early 80s and are one of the largest independent advertising companies in the country.

Creston’s campaign has been developed by the marketing department of Creston Council.

The city has a population of just over 3,000 and the majority of residents are white.

It has the second lowest population of any council area in the province and the average life expectancy is 77.

Cristen McKeown, marketing manager for Creston City Council, said the campaign is aimed at encouraging people to visit the city.

“We’ve created a campaign which is going to be a little different than what we’ve done before but I think it’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our city to a wider audience and to help promote the community,” she said.

The ad campaign will run in conjunction with a new campaign that is run by Creston Community Foundation.

It will be the second time in a year that Creston will be using a charity to promote its businesses.

Last year, the City of Crestton gave away a number of free tickets to the city’s annual community fair.

Last year it also helped the city set up a food bank.

It was a small gesture but it was also an important one for the community.

“I think it really demonstrates the goodwill that we have within the community and the community in general, and we want to show that we are not only a very well-run, well-respected city, but we are also an inclusive and welcoming place,” McKeynan said.

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