What’s in the food advertisements on the top of The Verge’s food app?

There are plenty of ads in the app’s top 100, but what do you get for your $3.99?

You’ll get a slew of top notch recipes, but it’ll be up to you to choose which ones to buy.

“You get a few really great options,” the app says.

“We do a lot of our best to keep our app accessible and to help you find the best deals,” the description says.

The app’s search feature lets you find popular recipes from popular restaurants and stores, and there’s a search bar that lets you search for a recipe by price, time, or location.

There are also some “special” recipes like $5 burgers and $10 tacos.

If you like the idea of finding a cheap, delicious meal, there’s also a “free” option for users to see their top rated restaurants in a few minutes.

There’s also an option for the app to let you choose from a bunch of other features, like “featured videos,” “quick tips,” and “customization options.”

It’s not clear how these features work yet, but they’re clearly designed to help users with food.

“It’s not like we’re in the restaurant business, and we’re not looking to sell you anything,” the company said in an FAQ.

“Our goal is to help people get what they need and want, whether it’s to eat healthier, find recipes, or simply to make more money.”