Which games are you getting?

A few months ago, a bunch of gaming-related subreddits exploded.

Redditors wanted to talk about games, but also about the sexist content found in video games.

Now the sites have a new name: The Andromeda Advertising Group.

The group is a non-profit that wants to raise awareness of the sexism and harassment that plagues the gaming industry.

“When you talk about gaming, it is so much more than just the art of playing a game,” said Andromeda CEO Ryan Stegmann.

“It’s the experience of being a gamer.”

Stegmann said he’s always been interested in gaming, but he realized that gaming was “not just a hobby.”

When he moved to New York in 2016, he decided to create an online video game company.

“I wanted to do something for the people who actually live and work in this industry,” he said.

But that didn’t sit well with some of the other members of the group.

“You can be a feminist gamer and still get shit on,” one user wrote in a comment thread.

“There are lots of women in gaming,” said another.

“So, if you’re not a woman, why are you being targeted by the community?”

The group’s goal is to get a group of people who don’t normally interact with each other on Reddit to talk to each other.

Stegman said he hopes the group will eventually be a place for people who want to talk directly to the people they interact with on Reddit.

The group will also focus on topics like how the gaming community has changed over the years, so that the women who work there have a better understanding of how things have changed.

The Andromeda Advertising group, which Stegomann has started, has about 60 people.

The main goal of the organization is to create a space where women can come together to talk with one another and work together on the issues that they care about, he said.

“The Andromeda Group is a great way to create some good dialogue around these issues and really help the women in this community,” he added.

Stigmann said that when the group has enough people to meet their goal, they’ll try to expand the group to include more people who might be interested in joining.