Facebook’s long-simmering relationship with ads continues with a new ad campaign

Facebook’s new ad spending strategy for advertisers is finally starting to show up in some ads on its platform.

The company announced today that it will start to run its own ad campaigns for some of its most popular products, including its own video chat product, Messenger.

The campaign will begin airing on Wednesday, and advertisers will be able to use Facebook ads to reach their target audiences.

The ads run by Facebook will run for three days, starting Wednesday, March 10, and running through Sunday, March 15.

The ads are being run on Facebook’s Messenger and Instagram app, with some of the ads running on Facebook pages, including Facebook News Feed.

Facebook announced that it is also starting to launch its own ads for some Facebook-owned apps and services.

The new ads are not a new campaign, but the company has long been trying to get a handle on how to best use its advertising budget.

The latest round of ads is the first of many that Facebook is likely to run in the coming months.

Facebook’s ad spending is expected to be around $10 billion a year, and the company expects to spend about $10.5 billion on ads by 2020.

Advertisers will have until the end of the year to decide whether to spend their advertising dollars on Facebook ads or not.

Facebook has said that it expects to keep its own advertising budget under $10 million per ad.

The social network is also working to ensure that its ads do not cost users anything.

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