Fox News Advertisers Are Leaving AdWords for Direct Response AdWords

Fox News advertisers are leaving adwords for direct response advertising for a third consecutive year.

According to Fox News, direct response ads now make up 60 percent of the company’s revenue.

“It’s really a very competitive marketplace for advertisers,” Fox News Senior Vice President of Advertising Mike McElroy told CNNMoney.

“They can’t compete with the likes of Facebook and Google.” 

McElroy said that the new Direct Response ad product is designed to increase the effectiveness of Direct Response ads.

The company is also making significant strides in creating more personalized advertising.

Fox News is looking to expand direct response ad inventory, which it said is at 3.3 million units.

Fox is also using Google AdWords to create a Direct Response advertising platform for its network of advertisers. 

Direct Response advertising has seen a rapid rise in popularity in the last two years.

The rise of direct response has been driven by the emergence of the social media platform. 

A recent survey by the ad agency Wurtsman, which surveyed 5,000 people, found that 40 percent of US adults use Facebook to advertise on Facebook. 

Wurtsmans survey also found that Direct Response is the fastest-growing form of direct marketing on the platform, accounting for about half of the total Direct Response market. 

“Direct Response is becoming a more and more important form of advertising on Facebook,” said Joe Kroll, President and CEO of Wurmans. 

Kroll said the company is now targeting Direct Response advertisers with more targeted ads that are more relevant to the audience. 

The company said it will continue to leverage Facebook’s AdWords platform to provide the best advertising experience for its advertisers.

It said it would also expand its Direct Response offerings to other brands in the future. 

In addition to increasing direct response revenue, Fox News also said it plans to expand its ad inventory in 2018 and beyond. 

Fox News said that its ad strategy is focused on advertisers with a global reach, such as Fortune 500 companies.

The news channel is also expanding its direct response offerings.

Fox will now offer direct response in select markets, which will be followed by more specific campaigns in other markets, including Canada and Europe.

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