Google Ads to start accepting bitcoin for digital ads

Google is rolling out the digital advertising giant’s first bitcoin payment option for advertisers in Australia, marking the start of the company’s push to embrace digital currencies as a payment method.

The move will make it easier for advertisers to accept bitcoin payments on Google Ads, with the company announcing on Monday that it is rolling this out across its network of more than 60 advertising agencies.

The company said it will be accepting payments in digital currency for digital advertising on Google AdWords, its ad buying platform, and on Google Search.

Advertisers who want to accept payments in bitcoin should use a Google Ads account, and they can then choose from two payment options:Google Ads can accept payments from Bitcoin, a payment that is not currently accepted by Google.

The search giant said it plans to add more bitcoin payment options in the future, including a digital wallet option, but the new feature will allow advertisers to pay for digital advertisements through bitcoin.

It also announced it will start accepting payments from Google Search ads, and it will allow ads to be viewed in Google Ads using a Google Search app on mobile devices.

This is the first time the search giant has enabled the option for bitcoin payments, which Google said will be available for advertisers who wish to accept the digital currency.

Google says it will launch this digital payment option later this year, but Google Adwords has already implemented this feature for advertising purchases.

The Google Ads payment system has previously been available on other ad platforms such as Facebook, where it allowed advertisers to use bitcoin payments for ads on their websites.

Google Adwords offers advertisers the option to accept digital currency payments through their ads in Google AdSense.

Google is also launching a new digital wallet service for advertisers on Android devices, Google Wallet, which allows advertisers to create, manage, and track digital wallets and to use Bitcoin as a means of payment.

It has previously said it was not planning to support bitcoin as a form of payment for advertising, but that it was interested in adopting digital currencies for the payment of digital ad inventory.

Adobe is also considering accepting bitcoin as payment for digital ad purchases in its ad platform, Adobe Digital Payments.

Adopting bitcoin as the payment method for digital content is a move Google is taking on in the wake of the bitcoin price decline of last year, which led to a huge surge in the price of bitcoin.

Google’s AdWords payments service, which is the most widely used ad payment option in the world, was first introduced in 2015 and has grown to more than 100 million active users.

Advertising revenue from advertising is now valued at around $1.9 trillion.

AdWords offers advertisers an easy way to pay their ad spend with the click of a button, and advertisers can now accept bitcoin as part of the advertising payment system.

AdBlocker, a Google Chrome extension that blocks ads that are not related to a search or keyword search, is also a popular payment option, and Google said it would launch its AdBlocker payment option soon.

Adblocker users can now pay for advertising through Google’s AdBlock app on Android, Apple iOS, and Windows devices.

Adblocking is an option that many ad blockers will consider, and the Google-owned adblocking app has previously enabled its users to accept Bitcoin payments as a method of payment on Google.

It is unclear if Google is also planning to add support for bitcoin as an ad payment method in its search results on iOS and Android devices.

Google said it intends to launch an Adblocker payment app in the coming weeks, but it does not yet have an estimated release date.

Google did not say whether it would continue to accept payment in Bitcoin as part its ad payment system, but other ad networks including Google and Microsoft are also experimenting with digital payment options.

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