Honolulu Star Advertiser’s First Ad Goes to A Honolulu Star

A Honolulu ad company has announced a deal to pay a Honolulu Star advertiser to promote its ad for the airline.

The Star ad, for a new seat for one person, will be featured on a special screen for passengers who don’t already have one.

The screen is currently only available in Hawaii.

The deal was announced on Thursday by the Star’s media relations team, which is known for running ads that are targeted to different groups of consumers.

The company has a similar deal with other Hawaiian airlines, including the Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines International and Hawaiian Airlines Premium.

The Honolulu Star says the deal will be rolled out to other Hawaiian carriers in the next week or so.

The ad for a Honolulu seat for three passengers has been on display in Hawaii since November.

The advertisement for a cabin cabin seat, for two passengers, will debut in Hawaii in June.

The ad is set to run on screen for three minutes at a time, and the ads are slated to run for an hour or more.

Hawaii Star has been advertising for several years on its website and on its social media platforms.

It also launched a Hawaii Star Pass program earlier this year, which allows customers to book seats for one year for $40, or to stay at a hotel for one night.

According to a statement from the company, the deal with Honolulu Star will help to keep the company’s advertising dollars flowing, and will help with revenue growth.

“As a Hawaiian-owned company, we have a strong relationship with Honolulu, and we look forward to continuing to promote the Honolulu Star brand through the Hawaiian-operated Hawaiian Star Pass,” the statement said.

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