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Posted by Crypto Coins Insider on February 01, 2019 05:30:47The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken, has recently announced it will be introducing a new cryptocurrency called “CryptoCoin” as a new form of payment option for merchants and companies.

The cryptocurrency, which is currently trading at $0.04 per coin, will become the most widely used payment option in the industry, according to Kraken CEO Peter Smith.

This will be the first cryptocurrency-only payment option since PayPal was launched in 2017, and it is a new trend that could significantly impact the way merchants and brands pay for goods and services.

“The future of crypto currencies looks very bright for businesses and brands,” Smith said in a statement.

“Cryptocurrencies are a growing alternative to traditional payment methods and can now help merchants and businesses earn more by cutting out the middle man.”

“This is a really exciting development, and the world will definitely benefit from it.”

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized payment system that can be used for goods or services in a secure and anonymous way.

Unlike traditional currencies, it is not backed by a central bank or central bank-issued currency.

Instead, it can be created by anyone, using a computer program.

This is the first time that a cryptocurrency-based payment option has been introduced to a mainstream consumer payment option.

According to Smith, the new cryptocurrency will work as a payment method for consumers to pay for items such as groceries, car rentals, and gas for a period of 24 hours, in exchange for a small fee.

It will also be able to be used to pay the price of a product.

It is estimated that by 2020, the cryptocurrency market is expected to grow at a rate of about $5 billion, according the Financial Times.

Smith said he believes that the cryptocurrency will become a huge currency in the near future, and that there will be significant benefits for merchants who will be able use the cryptocurrency to pay customers.

“With this cryptocurrency-enabled payment option, businesses will no longer need to worry about the transaction fees and handling fees,” he said.

“CryptoCoins are a great way to reduce transaction fees for both merchants and consumers.

This means that merchants will no long have to pay any fees at all and will be free to accept cryptocurrency as payment.”

Crypto coins can be exchanged for Bitcoin and Ethereum, two other cryptocurrencies, on exchanges like Bitfinex.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has recently seen rapid growth in popularity.

Its value has more than doubled in the past year, hitting $11,500 on the Mt.

Gox exchange last week.

It was created in 2009 and has become the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

The price of Bitcoin has been increasing in recent years, but it is still not as widely used as Bitcoin.

Crypto Coins are also used to buy merchandise online.

According to the Financial Review, one bitcoin is currently worth around $17.30, while one Ether is currently valued at about $2.55.