The ad-free way to spend less, Google says

Google has a way to get your ads out to the masses.

The company just unveiled a new advertising platform, dubbed Google Ads, that it hopes will enable people to make more money by not advertising.

In an earnings call, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the platform could be the most powerful ad network in the world.

“The fact that we’re starting this platform on a completely new model is exciting,” Pichaisaid.

“We’re going to go in the direction of really doing the things that people have always done, and I think that’s what you want to do.”

“You’re not going to make $200,000, you’re going the other way,” he added.

Google is rolling out the new platform today in two major markets, Europe and the United States.

In Europe, Google is launching the platform on behalf of its European partners, and in the U.S., it is rolling it out on behalf for its U.K. partners.

The new platform is designed to offer a more “personalized” experience for advertisers, according to Google’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Ng.

That means it won’t be just an app or website.

Google is looking to offer the most relevant ads, including personalized search results and a host of other features.

The company says it’s targeting its ads to the different types of people and businesses who might have been turned off by traditional ad networks.

“We think that a lot of people are still in the ad space, and if you’re not in the market for a new app or a new website, and you’re looking for a personal experience, Google Ads could really be a great thing for you,” Pritchettaid.In the U

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