When a Trump ad is about you, it’s really about you

The American Conservatives article The last week has been a long one for Donald Trump.

His approval rating in key battleground states has dropped to a historic low, and his approval ratings have remained relatively stable over the past week.

However, Trump’s support has remained fairly stable over time, according to recent polls.

While Trump’s overall approval rating has remained steady, his approval among Democrats has declined significantly.

The recent drop in support has been attributed to the president’s continuing attacks on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), which have been widely criticized.

Trump is also facing criticism over his refusal to accept the election results in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

However the president has shown little sign of slowing down in his efforts to secure votes.

And in spite of his unpopularity, the president is still popular with the American people.

What is his approval rating, and how has it changed since the last poll was taken?

In the last week, Trump has seen his approval score decrease to an all-time low, according the latest Gallup poll.

In a February 2017 poll, Trump was at 40 percent approval.

That number was only marginally higher than his current 40 percent rating.

Trump has remained in the low 40s or lower in all of the surveys we have conducted over the last year, according in most cases to the approval ratings of the people who are polled.

Trump’s rating is now down to 39 percent approval, according Gallup.

The numbers for Vice President Mike Pence have also declined slightly over the same period, to 37 percent and 36 percent respectively.

Trump continues to lead the race in the polls for the Republican nomination, with 47 percent support.

However Trump’s approval rating is still well above his approval numbers from last month, and that is not even counting the negative publicity surrounding his refusal last week to accept election results.

Trump currently has the support of 33 percent of voters, according CNN’s latest poll, and 32 percent of the American public disapproves of the job he is doing as president.

What does this mean for the next four years?

If Trump maintains his current low approval rating and continues to lose votes, he could end up with an approval rating of between 25 percent and 28 percent, according Fox News.

This is not a good scenario for a President Donald Trump, given that his presidency would likely be very difficult to get through Congress.

And the current unpopularity of the president would likely result in a Trump presidency that could easily end in disaster.

With the unpopularity and unpopularity surrounding Trump now in the public consciousness, we can expect a lot of negative headlines from the media over the next few weeks.

It is possible that Trump’s unpopularity could cause him to lose the support that he needs to be reelected in 2020.

Trump could then be facing a difficult re-election in 2020, and could find himself facing a tough re-electing for the first time in decades.