Amazon’s Lamar ad network will be bought by ad-tech firm adams outlet

Amazon has acquired ad-technology firm adamson, a media company with a portfolio of brands, for about $1.4 billion, the company announced Tuesday.

Amazon also acquired online media and news firm Fark in a $2.3 billion deal earlier this year.

Lamar is a company that has long focused on the digital ad space, according to the company, which launched a digital ad business in 2015 with a focus on buying and selling ads.

In the deal, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, Lamar will focus on “content, content, content,” including “video, audio, video, and more.”

Lamar will remain as a subsidiary of Amazon’s digital advertising unit, but it will be sold to a “new and innovative” ad tech firm that will focus solely on “advertising,” the company said in a statement.

Amazon is also buying news media company The Wall Street Daily for $2 billion.

That acquisition, too, will focus exclusively on “digital news,” the statement said.

Laram has been one of the biggest players in the ad-advertising space for more than a decade, owning more than 100 companies.

It has been able to buy companies that have the capacity to provide ads, including News Corp.’s News Corp. News Corp., and some companies that provide direct ad sales.

Lamar has also been able a buy media companies that offer direct sales, including the Huffington Post, Vox Media and BuzzFeed.

The acquisition brings its total ad-buying revenue to $6.6 billion, and the company will be valued at about $10 billion, according a person familiar with the matter.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the transaction was not publicly announced.

The news comes a day after Amazon announced that it was buying the Boston Globe, The Boston Globe’s parent company, for $3.5 billion, in an acquisition that will allow the newspaper to continue to be a leader in print journalism.

The news comes amid an intensifying campaign by media companies to wrest control of the digital advertising space from publishers.

As part of the deal with ad-revenue-generating services, the Globe will now own more than 75% of all digital ad revenue in the United States.

Amazon will also retain ownership of the company’s mobile ad-sharing service, according the company.

Lambda Media was formed in 2009 to help create a better online advertising environment for publishers.

The deal will also enable the two companies to work together more closely on their digital advertising business.

The company’s products include Adwords, which Amazon has used to offer ads to millions of users around the world.

Lara Smith, a senior vice president at Lambda, said the acquisition is a “transformative” move that will help Lambda continue to lead the digital-ad space.

She said Lambda will work with Adwords to provide advertisers with tools to manage their ad campaigns.