When I’m in a slump, I don’t tweet anymore

When I was at work, I used to tweet a lot.

It was a good habit, because when I was home, I could just do my own thing.

I wouldn’t tweet about anything, I just didn’t want to.

But then, I started getting tired of all the things I tweet about, so I decided to quit.

The only thing I tweeted about during the time I was in a depression was about the Super Bowl.

And, of course, I was like, “Oh my God, that’s really stupid.”

Then I noticed that I couldn’t stop tweeting about the Olympics, and I started thinking, “Why am I still doing this?

Why am I going to tweet about the Olympic Games?”

The only way I could stop doing it was to stop thinking about it, and stop being depressed about it.

I thought about quitting because I wanted to be able to enjoy myself and to enjoy life, but I also had to make a choice.

I said to myself, “If I stop tweeting, then I can stop being in a depressive state.”

I also realized that I wasn’t going to be in a happy state.

So I decided, “I’ll be happier when I stop feeling so miserable.”

So I started using the hashtag #BeInAHappyState, and after about a week, I noticed a lot of people starting to tweet with that hashtag, which was amazing.

When I stopped tweeting, I found myself really happy, because it was like an energy boost for me.

It’s not easy to find the energy boost you want, because people are constantly trying to get more attention and get you more followers.

So that was the first time that I found a positive, positive energy from being depressed.

I started feeling like I was making a difference, which I wasn´t really expecting.

And the most important thing was to not be depressed anymore.

The best thing was that the positive energy came from a very positive place.

And I can be happy now that I didn´t feel depressed anymore, which is really, really nice.

Now, I can feel happy in the moment.

This was the most difficult thing for me, because I have always been very depressed.

And even though I had the best grades in school, I had depression, which means I had anxiety and I had some other things.

But I never thought that I would be depressed in my twenties.

So, when I quit, I also decided to give it another try, because, honestly, I thought that my happiness was not going to last, that I was going to end up in a bad place.

I was just happy and I didn’t feel depressed, but it didn´ t work out that way.

Now I feel like I have the most fun in life, because all my friends are happy and have amazing jobs.

And they’re very supportive, and they are the best in the world.

But it was a really, very difficult thing.

And that was probably the hardest thing for my friends, because they didn´nt have any negative feelings about me, but they were just very sad about me.

So when I told them about my depression, they just started crying.

I couldn´t talk about it with them.

It didn´T feel good.

I just felt sad and I wanted so badly to be happy, but no one was.

And so that was really sad for me because I was trying to be positive and happy.

It really hurt.

And then the worst thing was, I didnât get that positive energy.

When people say, “You need to quit your job,” I don´t think they mean it in the negative way, because what they are saying is, “Donât be depressed, just do your work.”

And so I thought, “Well, I have a job now, so there is no need to be depressed.

Why should I do my work?

It won´t make me happier.”

But the truth is, I am depressed, so when people say to me, “Stop being depressed, stop being a depressed person,” I really can’t say no.

Because the only thing that will make me happy is to work and be productive.

So my best advice to people who are depressed is to just do it.

It is very easy to get depressed when you don´ t have the right kind of people around you, and when you have a good job.

But when you get that good job, you don’t have to be like, I’m depressed because I donât have the job.

I don`t need to feel depressed.

It just wonât do anything for me to be unhappy, to feel sad.

So if you want to be happier, stop complaining and start working.

And if you are depressed, you should just quit being depressed and get a job.

And it will help you be happier and more productive, because you won’t have as