World’s most expensive print ad: 10,000,000 yuan

China’s most valuable print ad, 10,006,000 Yuan ($1.03 million), sold on Monday, for an eye-popping price of 10,00,000 ($1,03 million).

The ad was commissioned by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Science and Technology and the China Academy of Sciences.

The ad is seen as a milestone for China in terms of its digital marketing, with a number of companies now producing ads online, including Tencent, Alibaba and Tencent Tencent Media.

The digital ad is also seen as another milestone in the country’s drive towards the development of a national digital media platform.

The advertising is the second time the ad has been shown on Chinese television.

In 2015, the Ministry of Information and Communications launched a new digital advertising platform that was seen as the most innovative and effective way of connecting with audiences.

In addition, it saw a huge spike in sales of digital advertising in China after the Chinese government announced a massive crackdown on the sale of illegal online gambling and digital gambling services.

The new platform has since seen a huge surge in digital ad sales.

The Ministry of Communication also announced the establishment of the National Advertising Network to support the development and expansion of digital marketing platforms.