Food ads may be hurting Canada’s economy

Food advertising may be having a negative effect on Canada’s economic recovery, according to a report.

The authors of the report, released Tuesday, argue that Canadians may be more inclined to shop at the store rather than eat at home.

“While there may be some positive impacts from having a restaurant and eating out, the negative impacts are much more pronounced for Canadians shopping at the grocery store,” the authors wrote.

In its report, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said it would review the impact of food advertising on economic activity and the health of Canadian consumers.

The report also said that the increase in food advertising since 2009 is being driven by the popularity of low-fat, high-calorie foods.

The FIB is the country’s largest business lobby group.

The food industry is fighting back with a campaign that is urging Canadians to opt out of food advertisements and the use of food-related logos in marketing.

The campaign, launched in April, features billboards and TV spots featuring foods, including McDonald’s, Subway and Subway Express, with slogans such as “Eat Better.”

The campaign has been endorsed by the FIB, which is fighting the Food Advertising Code and Food Marketing Code, which prohibit the use and advertising of food brands in advertising.

“We think this is a huge win for consumers and an opportunity to change things for the better,” said FIB President and CEO Bob Kinnear.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said the food industry has already paid millions of dollars to the federal government for food-based advertising.

The industry also argues that the FBCs mandate requires food advertising to include health information, including warnings on the dangers of saturated fat and saturated foods.

“It is critical that food advertisements include both nutrition facts and health information,” said Dan Gurney, an FPCP spokeswoman.

“These are the two things that make a good advertisement successful.”

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