How to buy lamar advertisement stock for Rs 4,600

Lamar advertising shares rose on Thursday, after the company said its advertising stock would trade for a record Rs 4.5 lakh on Thursday.

The company said it had reached its target of selling 10 million lamar ad shares in a day.

The target for the current trading session was set at 20 million.

Shares in Lamar, which makes high-end automotive products, rose to Rs 467.38 in early trade, from Rs 449.36 on Wednesday.

Shares in KFC, the fast food chain, rose sharply to Rs 5,569.00, from the Rs 463.00 it traded at on Wednesday, and rose to around Rs 6,200.

Lamar said it was also offering to buy out its remaining debt.

The company said the remaining debt was in its balance sheet, which would not change.