You can now pay $5 to see ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ in cinemas

The internet is awash with new Star Wars films, movies, TV shows, merchandise, games and more.

But you may not know which one they are.

And that could be a problem for some Australian filmgoers.

A new study has revealed that the most popular movie on Netflix is the Star Wars trilogy, with more than 50 per cent of Australians paying a subscription to get the films, which is more than any other film franchise.

Netflix has long been known as a huge source of films and TV shows.

But the company has struggled to find the time to get new films out to Australians.

It was reported that it has been struggling to keep up with demand for Star Wars and the sequel to it, The Force Awakens, even though they have been shown to Australians at the box office.

It is not just Australians who are getting stuck with a wait for new Star War movies.

New Zealand moviegoers are also paying to see The Force Never Sleeps and The Last Jedi, despite it being out on DVD, digital and VOD.

“We’ve seen the demand for new films go up significantly in recent years, and this means it is very important that Netflix keeps up with that,” Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings told The Guardian newspaper.

“It is the biggest entertainment brand in the world, so it’s the perfect place for a new Star Trek film.”

Netflix has also been hit hard by a surge in piracy, with its business in Australia down by 15 per cent last year.

Netflix says it is investing more than $100 million a year in Australian content to help improve the business.

“That’s one of the reasons why we have invested in new content and content delivery services, to give our customers the best experience possible,” Hastings said.

“We want to give Australians the best possible experience and to ensure we keep delivering the most exciting content.”

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